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TRIO Compact

Mini vending machine with smaller foot space suitable to be installed at any location. TRIO compact features an ergonomic design that delivers a sophisticated aesthetic appeal, processing power on par with top-tier smartphones, and a spacious touchscreen bigger than a laptop

  • 21.5” HD touchscreen 1080 x 1980 pixels

  • Sleek and compact design

  • Wall mountable

  • Customizable storage compartments

  • Multipoint touch for smooth UX

  • RFID access for Operator

  • Add on card reader with NFC

  • Group based vending with RFID

TRIO Revision Kit for
Beverage Vending Machines

Uniquely crafted Revision Kit that gives any traditional beverage vending machine a more contemporary design with a modernized functionality

  • 21.5” multi touchscreen

  • Fully packed display kit with built-in UI

  • Engaging advertisement space

  • Smart inventory management system

  • Dynamic routing for stock replenishment

  • Pay for multiple products in one go

  • Payment via Card Reader through Insert/Swipe/Tap

  • Brackets for installation on any legacy machine

TRIO Revision Kit for Snack 
Vending Machines

A Revision Kit that provides any conventional snack vending machine a more current design and appearance, along with mountable brackets that can be switched out

  • 21.5” multi touchscreen

  • Fully packed display kit with built-in UI

  • Engaging advertisement space

  • Smart inventory management system

  • Dynamic routing for stock replenishment

  • Pay for multiple products in one go

  • Allow multiple products to be dispensed in a single transaction

  • Payment via Card Reader through Insert/Swipe/Tap

TRIO Kiosk

TRIO Kiosk is a perfect choice for breakroom spaces in Corporate offices

  • 21.5” multi-touchscreen ​

  • Product barcode scanner enables Self-checkout

  • Instore app catalog mode

  • Real-time inventory synchronization    

  • Customizable UI styles for a rich customer experience

  • Intelligent in-app advertisement system

  • Secure Payment via Card Reader through Insert/Swipe/Tap

  • Compact in size and fits into a smaller foot space

Vending Management System

TRIO's Vending Management System controls:

  • Inventory and stock movement with product requirement triggers for replenishing stocks 

  • Add description and pictures of products being sold

  • Change price for vending machines remotely

  • Manage restock levels

  • Advertisement media library for scheduling campaigns with campaign goals

  • System health alerts to monitor vending machines

  • Live sales data across your machines

  • User and organization accounts

  • Allocation of devices and accessories to target locations

Interactive Smart Vending

Smart, intuitive and highly functional software running on the vending machine offers:

  • Smart and simple vending experience

  • Easy product selection UI

  • Digital AD space

  • Pay for multiple products in one go

  • Allow multiple products to be dispensed in a single transaction

  • Instant support via Chatbot

  • Admin settings for operators to refill

Secure Payment Gateway

TRIO's secure payment processing system offers:

  • An easy-to-use card reader that supports

    • EMV chip

    • Contactless

    • Swipe payments 

  • EMV-certified Payment Card Reader with end-to-end encryption (E2EE) and point to point encryption (P2PE)

  • NFC technology powers fast contactless payments via mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay, as well as contactless cards.

Optimized Inventory Control

Smart Inventory management system offers optimized inventory control through:

  • Easy and hassle-free restocking

  • Efficient inventory tracking that eliminates the possibility of having an unnecessary surplus or shortage of product

  • Customized product requirement triggers

  • Remotely planning pre-kitting products to stock vending machines

  • Stock replenishment

  • Inventory audit checks/cycle count for identifying and resolving inventory discrepancies at distribution centers/warehouse

Sales Dashboard

TRIO Sales Dashboard provides:

  • Visual representation of sales performance metrics 

  • Live sales data across your machines

  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) in real-time

  • Overall product sales revenue to find ways to boost sales performance

  • Metrics on product wise revenue, average product price, dispense count and many more

  • Analytic solutions for business owners and managers to make data-driven decisions

Contactless Vending

In recent times (Post-Pandemic) the demand for services that are socially distant, contact-free has become non-negotiable. Contactless vending with secure payment gateway integration offers options to

  • View product images, descriptions and details on product prices of a vending machine near you

  • Live inventory count of what exactly is available in the vending machine

  • Checkout multiple products in a single click

  • Download order invoice

  • Use a web-based browser or hybrid application for remote dispensing

  • View and modify customer profile information

Route Planning

Route Planning benefits vending machine operators by providing:

  • On the go picklist generation for the target machines 

  • Map routing for choosing the quickest route to vending locations with estimation of total trip distance and the total travel time

  • Information on active picklist routes and trip logs in the dashboard screen

  • Track KPIs on number of vending machines restocked, locations visited and miles travelled

  • Real-time alerts via notifications

  • Notifications settings which can be customized

ID-based Vending

ID-based vending feature takes your inventory and asset management solutions to the next level by providing options to:

  • Set quantity limit for different groups of users

  • Customize budgets for a daily/weekly/monthly usage

  • Assign different group parameters to one or more user groups within the same entity

  • Check the user logs to trace inventory movement

  • View metrics and other KPIs

Interactive Chatbot

Interactive chatbot with pre-defined options provide a quick automated assistance to the customer using the vending machine

  • User video tutorial on how to use a TRIO vending machine for ease of purchase

  • Option to provide feedback on products purchased or to recommend products 

  • Details for contacting the customer support team for resolving any issues

  • To get in touch with sales team for business opportunities

Engaging Advertisement Space

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